Saturday, 12 April 2014

Stepstool with Storage!

DIY Childs Step Stool with Storage!

Cheap, sturdy and will last ages!


Something as simple as a step stool can open a whole new experience for children(or short adults lol). Things that seemed out of reach is now easily accessible with a simple build like this. Now, washing their hands, brushing their teeth or just watching us make food has never been easier and more fun for our little tykes. The storage compartment is just an added bonus. 

What You'll Need:

-Drill with 1/2" drill bit
-2" Wood Screws
-Medium-grit Sand Paper
-Wood Glue
-Circular/Table Saw
-2 Standard Hinges
-Paint (optional)

All this can be made with a 1"x12"x8' piece of pine board which around here is only $20.00

Pieces List: 

2 sides at natural width of board at 11-1/4" and cut length 14"
2 storage panel pieces (front and back) at 11-1/4" and width 12"
2 storage box bottoms and kick panel pieces at 11-1/4" and 5-1/4"
2 step stool tops 14" width and 7-1/2" length

Step 1: Mark the Cuts

Using a square mark all your cuts on the wood carefully including the holes for the handles and the decorative curves.

Step 2: Cut It All Up!

 If you're good with a jigsaw you should be able to cut everything out with just that. Sadly I am not so I used a circular saw for all my straight cuts and then used a jigsaw for the holes and curved pieces.
Note: To make the circles the easiest way I find is to drill a hole a bit bigger than the jogsaw blade so it'll fit and then just cut out your shape.

Step3: Time For Sanding!

Using a Medium grit sandpaper (I used an 80 grit) sand all your corners and edges. This will be used by children after all. After this is done, dry fit all the pieces together to make sure all is well. If you need to make adjustement, now is the time. If everything seems fine let's put this baby together!

Step 4: Assemble back, sides and base.

The first thing I suggest doing is attaching the back piece to the side pieces. I always pre-drill my holes to make sure the wood doesn't split so I would suggest the same practice. Place glue on both pieces(any surface that will be touching each other) and then screw them into place and clamp for at least an hour. Once the side are attached to the back, next assemble the base of the storage area.
Should look like this at that point

Step 5: Adding the Middle Wall and Kick Panel

This piece is exactly like the back piece but I suggest adding a curve to it just to make it easier to open and looks nice. Once it has been secured the next piece I would recommend is the kick panel on the front.

Step 6: Top Step with Hinges.

Mark your hinges on the wood to make sure they're even. Mine were spaced 2 1/2" away from the side and fit perfectly on the 3/4" surface. Follow instructions that come with hinges if you need help but basically, mark where they go and screw em in. Once they're in check for adjustments. (one of my hinges needed the be pushed back a bit because it was making the lid crooked)

Step 7: The Final Step!

Probably the most straight for piece in the build. Add, glue & screw. That's about it!

We're Done! 

Enjoy your new Step Stool! Your kids are sure to love it. If you want you can even sand, prime and paint cute stuff on it or what have you =)

Thanks for dropping by =)

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